Employer Branding: Your Employer Brand With Magnetic Effect

Why does someone apply to a specific company?
And why does he or she stay there?

Of course, hard facts such as income, location and development opportunities play an important role. However, independent studies have long shown that soft parameters such as the image of a company affect career decisions at a similar rate. The "coolness factor" of an employer seems to be just as important as the reputation of being a very employee-friendly, environmentally-conscious, and forward-thinking enterprise.

Do not leave your employer image up to chance but actively participate in shaping this image yourself!

Together with our cooperation partners, we help you build a strong brand that not only noticeably helps your recruiting but also strengthens the identification of your employees with the company. We will be happy to show you how to use tried and tested marketing tools specifically for your employer branding: from traditional job ads to trade shows to social networks.

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