Lean Recruiting

If you need fast results inexpensively: For uncomplicated tasks and as a lightweight alternative to traditional direct searches, we offer you desk research, where we only scan web databases such as XING® and LinkedIn®, conduct telephone interviews, and review the suitability of the candidates with an online assessments.

This eliminates time-consuming and costly travel, and you have quick results on the table.

The procedure is otherwise largely the same as with classic personnel consulting: We develop a position profile as part of a situation analysis. On this basis, we seek and find during the subsequent research phase in relevant websites and databases potential candidates that seem appropriate based on their own information.

Contact is established discreetly, followed by a lengthy telephone interview, possibly supplemented by an online selection process. If found suitable, the requested application materials are then the basis for deciding whom to invite for further talks. We monitor the interviews and subsequent contract negotiations closely if requested.

During a follow-up phase, we gladly provide both sides with additional integration assistance.